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Mahoney & Associates is a full service promotional products company offering a wide range of items to boost your brand’s recognition. We’ve been in business for nearly 30 years, helping companies throughout the United States find just the right products to delight their customers and staff, making their brand memorable.



We're growing and we're looking for the right fit in two spaces to join our dedicated staff.

Sales Assitant Position



Small businesses looking to grow or establish their brand.

Universities and colleges, building enthusiasm for higher education.

Associations and organizations, keeping their membership and audiences invigorated.

Small groups who want to celebrate their cause — from PTAs to bowling leagues to race teams.


To help audiences align with our clients’ brands and missions through physical manifestations of those brands.


Mahoney and Associates was formed in 1996 by Dari Mahoney. The classic story of a smart woman building a business from the ground up. And we do mean the ground up — she started the business in her basement and continued to run the shop out of her home as she grew. Eventually, success meant more staff and a larger, commercial location. 

In 2022, with an eye on retirement, Dari sold the business to Jen Estill, another local businesswoman with more than two decades under her belt. Jen, the owner of Redhead Creative Consultancy — which provides brand strategy and marketing to its own strong client base — saw logic in adding these adjacent services to her repertoire, as Redhead and Mahoney serve many common clients. Redhead makes logos, Mahoney puts them on promotional products — a perfect fit.


Mahoney Adheres to the Fair Labor Association's Fair Labor Code


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